Tatajuba is popular for kitesurfing due to its strong and constant winds. Water sports enthusiasts come from all over the world to take advantage of these ideal conditions. In addition, buggy rides can be organized to explore the surrounding dunes.
Lagoon: Nearby, there is a lagoon where visitors can cool off. It is surrounded by small kiosks “barracas” serving local specialties.
Marine life: The region is also known for its fishing areas and rich marine life.
Tranquillity: Unlike other more popular tourist destinations, Tatajuba offers a quieter atmosphere, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.
Access: Access to Tatajuba can be a little difficult due to the sandy roads, but this adds to its rustic charm.

Our team is dedicated to provide you with an unforgettable experience, rich in sports, nature and local vibes.


Sunset Kiteboarding school is located 250 meters from Avra. The spot, situated in front of the lagoons of Tatajuba is easily accessible by walk…


Tatajuba offers several restaurants and beach clubs with their feet in the sand…


What a feeling to ride through the dunes along the ocean!


Explore the area on a tour with our professionals guide drivers.


The state of Ceará, nestled in the north-east of Brazil, is often hailed as the crown jewel of the Brazilian kitesurfing scene. With its endless sun-drenched coastline, constant winds and tropical waters, Ceará has become a must-see destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tatajuba beach is not only famous for is stunning natural beauty, but also offer ideal conditions for kitesurfing. The trade winds that blow from July to January offer constant strength, making Tatajuba a kitesurfer’s paradise.

But it’s not just the strength and consistency of the winds that attract enthusiasts; it’s also the diversity of kitesurfing spots. Flat lagoons like offer perfect conditions for beginners and those wishing to perfect their tricks, while the waves of the coast offer a more challenging playground for advanced kiteboarders.

What’s more, Brazil’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is palpable everywhere. Local kitesurfing schools, run by passionate instructors, welcome riders of all levels, guaranteeing a safe and memorable experience.


The golden light of the declining sun-bathes the rolling dunes of Tatajuba, a natural spectacle located in northern Brazil. There’s perhaps no better way to explore this marvel than on horseback, the wind caressing your face, the rhythm of your hooves echoing on the sand.

Right from the start, the silhouettes of the horses stand out against the orange-tinged sky, offering a striking contrast to the deep blue of the nearby ocean. The route winds between monumental dunes, shimmering lagoons and hidden oases.

At every turn, Tatajuba reveals a new face, whether it’s a panoramic view of the Atlantic or a sunset so intense it seems to set the sky on fire. The experience is heightened by the gentle sound of waves in the distance and the calls of seabirds soaring overhead.

After a few hours of riding, when darkness begins to envelop the dunes, the riders return to Jericoacoara.

The horses, with their windswept manes, seem almost as satisfied as their riders with this unforgettable escapade.

In conclusion, a horseback ride in the Tatajuba dunes is more than just an excursion; it’s a communion with nature, an escape from everyday life and an opportunity to connect with the mystical soul of Brazil.


The state of Ceará, in north-east Brazil, is a paradise for beach lovers. Its miles of coastline stretch along the Atlantic Ocean, offering breathtaking scenery, white sandy beaches and sparkling blue seas. But that’s not all: Ceará is also renowned for its restaurants and beach clubs, which add a touch of luxury and entertainment to the beach experience.

Tatajuba and Jericoacoara offer a more bohemian atmosphere. Beach clubs here often offer live music sessions, dance classes, or even capoeira classes at sunset. These places attract both locals and tourists, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Tatajuba, in particular, is famous for its spectacular sunsets and sand dunes. After admiring the sunset, visitors can head to one of the beach restaurants and clubs to enjoy tropical cocktails, dine under the stars or dance the night away.

Tatajuba’s restaurants and beach clubs offer the perfect combination of relaxation, fine dining and entertainment, all in a breathtaking natural setting. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day in the sun, a lively evening or a combination of both, Tatajuba has something to offer everyone.


Tatajuba is a small paradise located in the state of Ceará, Brazil. Known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and above all its majestic sand dunes, Tatajuba offers a unique experience for lovers of adventure and nature. Among the most popular activities are buggy and quad biking.

Buggy rides are a tradition in Tatajuba. Gliding over the dunes, these light vehicles offer an exhilarating experience, combining speed and breathtaking scenery. Local drivers, experts in the terrain, lead visitors through a labyrinth of dunes, including stops at the natural lagoons formed between the dunes where visitors can cool off in the crystal-clear waters.

Quad biking offers a more personal and autonomous experience. After a short training session, adventurers can hire these vehicles and explore the dunes at their own pace. This option is ideal for those seeking a little more freedom and adrenaline.

However, it is essential to respect safety and environmental protection rules, as the dune ecosystem is fragile.

Whether by buggy or quad, a trip to the Tatajuba dunes is more than just a ride: it’s an immersion in an almost supernatural landscape, where vast expanses of sand meet the azure sky, and where every bend reveals a new natural wonder.

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